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Your Email and Registration compagnion integrated in Apaleo


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Your Email and Registration
compagnion integrated in Apaleo


Why Choose Topsys-Office to communicate with your guests

Easy and flexible application

Create your own template


Accessible directly in the reservation tab

2 way with Apaleo

Offer the check-in on a tablet and send back the registration data in Apaleo


Automate your guest journey with your own template

As Apaleo’s french partner and integrator, we created Topsys-Office with the aim of offering our vision of the communication tools integrated in a PMS.
Thanks to Apaleo’s open platform, we could integrate our technology directly into the PMS screens, thereby simplifying use for teams.

We then focused on the automations that we could offer and there too we choose an automation tools totally integrated with Apaleo’s API.

We therefore created a Topsys-Office module that can be used in automatic scenarios. With the Top-Office module, there is no limit to your imagination in terms of customer journey.

Less efforts

Direct integration in Iframe in Apaleo, add some text and fill the field automaticaly with Apaleo’s datas

Get the good datas

Build your own tablet template with signature to get the good data directly from your guests to push them in Apaleo

Build your guest journey

Add Top-Office templates in your own automation scenarios

Trust the Numbers

Join Topsys-Office community !

Hotels Approved

Years in Business

Email send


« We were looking for a solution more integrated in Apaleo to communicate simply with our guest. We like the possibility to create our own template and to be able to modify them just before sending the email to the guest. The next step is to automate sending »

Alinde Duteil.

Hotel Hidden, Paris

What are you waiting for to communicate easily with your guests ?